Alic Szecsei

Gameplay Programmer & Software Engineer

About Me

I'm Alic Szecsei, a software engineer and game developer. I received my Master's degree in computer science from the University of Iowa, and am currently working at Microsoft. I've been programming since I was 12, making simple rock-paper-scissors games in C, then writing equally-simple encryption algorithms on my TI-89 graphing calculator. I'm interested in game programming and graphics programming; merging art and computer science in bold ways, alongside interdisciplinary teams passionate about what they do. I'm thrilled by the opportunity to solve a problem and have a working piece of software to show off at the end.


I've made games in Unity, UE4 & XNA/MonoGame. I've participated in multiple game jams, and have experience building VR applications.


I've worked on projects using React and Redux, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, and more. I'm also experienced in build tools like gulp, webpack, and Next.js.

Machine Learning

I have experience with developing a custom machine learning solution using ELMs. In addition, I have experience with TensorFlow and scikit-learn.

Other Software

I've worked with Docker and several continuous integration & deployment solutions. I also have experience with building native applications using Electron.


Odyssey of the Zephyr
March 2018

an RPG in which your goal is to bring happiness to each car on a train

Created quest items to be completed

Created custom triggers for NPC characters

Implemented dynamically disappearing cut-outs of train cars

BlueprintsUnreal Engine 4Train Jam
BugHunters 2
February 2018

a VR experience in which you pilot a spaceship

Implemented motion controls, movement system, and bullet pooling

Worked closely with 3D assets to implement realistic physics constraints

Extended several components in the SteamVR interaction system

Tony Birb: Pro Sk8er 2003
October 2017

an infinite runner in which you're a birb who's shaped like a friend

Created 3D model, textures, and animations

Programmed particle effects to react to whether or not the player is on a twig

C#UnityEPX Jam
Highway To A Neon Valhalla
March 2017

a racing game in which the objective is unknown to either player

Created 3D models, music, and sound effects

Programmed infinite road and terrain generation

C#UnityTrain Jam
Bee Dodger
January 2017

a dodge-em-up in which you avoid bees

Designed 2D game engine using HTML5/Canvas and pure JavaScript

Implemented animation system, various enemies, and scoring mechanics

Created various menus, including a pause menu

Train Filler
March 2016

a twin-stick shooter with a Splatoon-inspired scoring mechanic

Programmed ragdoll physics for 2D stick figures and hose physics for player controllers

Implemented twin-stick shooting character controller

C#UnityTrain Jam
April 2015

a first-person narrative vignette

Programmed game and triggers for narrative presentation

Developed visual style using post-processing shaders

C++Unreal Engine 4
On The Tracks
March 2015

a local multiplayer game of chicken

Programmed game and menus

Implemented blood trail effect using particles

C#UnityTrain Jam
Chess Plus
March 2015

a roguelike chess game

Programmed chess movement, AI, and UI for displaying legal chess moves

Developed algorithm to procedurally generate more difficult levels by using chess scoring rules

February 2015

a platformer in which you change the direction of gravity

Programmed game, menus, & level editor which serializes to JSON

Designed 15 levels using level editor

December 2014

a driving game with CRT-style visual effects

Implemented visual effects using post-processing shaders

Programmed UI for displaying distance to the closest pick-up

C++Unreal Engine 4Ludum Dare


October 2018

a tool for real-time transcription and translation

Led development of HoloLens application in parallel to web API development

Integrated voice recognition and camera code using HoloLens APIs

JavaScriptUnityHoloLensC#Google Cloud Platform
Electric IRC
January 2018

a modern, user-friendly IRC client

Refactored application to use Redux data store, and led team research into Redux

Led development of IRC calls using redux-saga

October 2017

an agile management web application

Led team of students using agile methodologies

Developed issue activity log, burndown charts, and issue creation UI

Customized resort gem to work with Ruby 5

RubyWeb DevProject Management
Internet of Followers
September 2017

a VR experience in which you fly through your Twitter network

Programmed 6DOF movement system

Implemented spring-based 3D node placement algorithm

C#UnityData VisualizationVR
November 2016

a mobile app for first responders

Adapted existing iOS app to use Flutter, using Redux for state management

Developed secured API and web front-end for hospitals to use when viewing crash reports

FlutterMobile DevJavaScriptWeb Dev
Dancing Robots
December 2014

an interdisciplinary, project-based course

Developed and programmed a 5-minute dance routine for 4 Nao robots

Created a Python script that was used by other students to have robots sync up by sending messages over a local network

Assisted in the programming of other students' dance routines

PythonNAO Robots

Contact Me

I'm always interested in collaborating on new projects! Feel free to reach out via one of the links below: